San Pancho Thanks You


The 2014 Music Festival was a huge success…

…judging by the enthusiastic feedback we’ve received, and by the much larger number of music fans that were in attendance this year. We continue to hear many favorable comments regarding this year’s lineup of musicians, and many have said that the 2014 San Pancho Music Festival was the best ever! For that we wish to heartily thank all those involved.

The Festival’s 15th Anniversary will be celebrated in 2015, and the Festival committee is committed to providing an even better event next year. Planning has already begun, and the dates have been set. Mark your calendars!… San Pancho will host the 15th annual Music Festival for 3 days on Friday Feb. 27, Saturday, Feb. 28th, and Sunday March 1, 2015.

Beto Gonzalez - 2014 Music Fest

Beto Gonzalez – 2014 Music Fest

As always, San Pancho wishes to thank the varied artists that performed this year. Without their gracious contributions of time and energy the Music Festival would not be possible. So many have told us that San Pancho is a unique and magical place to perform, and that they enjoy it as much as their audiences. San Pancho is fortunate to have such a wide range of musical talent in the region, and doubly fortunate that so many want to participate in the Festival.

We obviously wish to thank the very appreciative crowd for their attendance and support of the Music Festival. We see many familiar faces every year, and as the Festival grows, it is wonderful to see the audience filled with many newcomers who are discovering the town and its charms. With their support, the Music Festival has become a valuable cultural event in Riviera Nayarit. Ask any of the locals, and they will tell you that music is an important cultural element of San Pancho. In fact, music has traditionally been a big part of their lives in the village, as well as major cultural force throughout Mexico.

adj_5950_Three guitarist singers_side view

Banda Los Compas – 2014 Music Fest

The Festival owes much credit to the volunteers that helped with the logistics of organizing and conducting the annual event. We express our gratitude to our sponsors, and to all those that have personally offered financial contributions, support and effort with the arrangements. Hopefully the Music Festival and all that it entails is a just reward for those involved.

With the financial support of sponsors and attendees, and of course the involvement of San Pancho’s community, several milestones in the evolution of the Music Festival have been accomplished during recent years. In 2011 and 2012 donations were first asked of the audience. (it does take money to host such an event). This allowed the Festival to update aging equipment, to bring a more beneficial and informative website online, and to provide a variety of enhancements to improve the listening experience.

In 2012 San Pancho was recognized as the “cultural heartbeat” of Nayarit by the municipality of Bahia Banderas and the state of Nayarit. Their support of the festival will hopefully help ensure that we can continue to provide a wonderful musical experience to the listening public, and continue to share the magic of this wonderful little village by the sea – San Pancho.