Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher is a resident of San Pancho, and has been a favorite for several years at the Music Festival.  In fact, it is said that Dave has performed at the Music Festival the longest of any of the returning artists.  Dave is a seasoned singer / songwriter who has been crafting his unique rhythmic and lyrical style ever since he picked up a guitar five decades ago.  Welcome to Dave’s world – where idiosyncratic guitar strumming provides a rhythmic canvas for the pictures and stories that he paints with lyric and poetry.  His diverse songscapes range from the hopeless hyperbole of “Can’t Find You” to the upbeat, exhuberant tribute to unconditional love that is “My Baby Says“.   His diversity includes the dark humor of “I’ll Carry On“… and the comfort-challenging, nitty-gritty realities of “Smack Dab“.   The listener may feel careening and out of control on “Highway 15“, or lost and confused with a “Most Terrible Thirst“.

So we offer this advice:    Sit back and enjoy the sights as Dave’s guitar  weaves a tasty, toe-tapping tapestry for your listening pleasure.


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