San Pancho Music Festival Schedule Announced


 The San Pancho Music Festival is Celebrating its 17th Year!

The annual 3-day Music Festival will be held Friday, Feb. 24th through Sunday, Feb. 26th in San Pancho’s Plaza del Sol. The Music Festival features regional, national and international artists on two alternating stages providing continuous entertainment.

adj_1633_Fridas Eyebrow

Frida’s Eyebrow – 2016

The event begins at 5pm each day, with performances up until 11pm each night.  A wide variety of food and beverage will be available for purchase in and around the Plaza.  A limited number of tables and chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended that visitors bring their own chairs or blankets.

The festival began in 2001 in the backyard of a local resident, and has since grown into one of the most popular music events in the region featuring well over 25 groups and 100 musicians each year, that cover the gamut of musical genres, and traditions.

2015_Chacala Cultural FoundationThe Music Festival is supported by the generous donations of attendees, local residents, and businesses in San Pancho.  Make your tax deductible donation to the San Pancho Music Festival by clicking on this link:  CD’s and merchandise will be for sale at the Festival, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the performing artists.

Come join us at The San Pancho Music Festival for three unforgettable days of music in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico!

Friday, Feb. 24th through Sunday Feb. 26th , 2017  


This year the Festival will host several artists that have played in prior years, and are returning as crowd favorites.  But we are also featuring some outstanding musicians that are performing for the festival for the first time.  It will be an exciting 3 days of music … see below for our lineup!

2017 Music Festival Schedule

FRIDAY –  Feb 24                                                                                                         

            — Stage One —                                                   — Stage Two —

6:00pm……. Olivia de la Cruz                                                                                                •

7:00pm……. La Patrona                                                                                                        •

8:00pm……. Dave Fisher                                                                                                      •

9:00pm……. Moruno                                                                                                             •

10:00pm….. Caravane                                                                                                          •

SATURDAY –  Feb 25                                                                                                  

            — Stage One —                                                   — Stage Two —

5:00pm……. Andy, Juny &  Company                                                           Fausto Robles & Coral Cadman

6:00pm……. Burton                                                                                                              •

7:00pm……. Ojo de Agua                                                                                                     •

8:00pm……. James Gelfand & Chas Eller                                                                            •

8:30pm……. Michael Manring                                                                                               •

9:00pm……. The Jeff Oster Band                                                                                         •

10:00pm….. Panta Rei                                                                                                          •

SUNDAY –  Feb 26                                                                                                  

            — Stage One —                                                   — Stage Two —

5:00pm……. Tatewari                                                                                              Frida’s Eyebrow

6:00pm……. The Steve O’Connor Colectivo                                                                         •

7:00pm……. Julio Cabrero                                                                                                   •

8:00pm……. Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm                                                                         •

9:00pm……. Jazz Pango                                                                                                      •

10:00pm….. To Be Announced


For the latest news and updates to the performance schedules, register on the Festival’s email subscription service by selecting the option located to the right of your screen.